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The Red

Brand: The Red
This cotton balaclava is made up of a Camouflage pattern that can be found on the soldiers. It is perfect for giving more intensity to fantasies!The balaclava has 3 holes for the eyes and the mouth.Ideal for satisfying fantasies without being recognized.100% cotton..
Brand: The Red
This accessory from The Red is designed to tie the arms and forearms together.It makes submission even more exciting.The circumference is 21 to 31cm for the forearms.The circumference is 34 to 48cm for the arms.Genuine cowhide leather. Vegetable tanning.Made in Europe..
Brand: The Red
Deluxe Handcuffs leather suspension and 2 carabiners High-quality leather..
Brand: The Red
This leather ball stretcher from The Red consists of a thin ring with 3 metal snaps to adjust the tightness around the penis and the balls. Genuine cow leather. Vegetable tanning...
Brand: The Red
This leather collar is designed with a short leash and allows exciting games.The necklace has a width of 2.5cm and a neck circumference ranging from 35 to 49cm.The leash measures 30cm in length.Genuine cowhide leather. Vegetable tanning.Made in Europe..
Brand: The Red
This leather fringed collar is an ideal accessory to highlight your chest. It consists of several fine and light bangs making it a very SM style.The neck size ranges from 30 to 45cm. The width of the necklace is 2.5cm.The fringes are positioned in a gradient with a maximum length of 45cm.Made of gen..
Brand: The Red
Puppy Dog Black Leather Mask.Black ears and tongue included.The mask is adjustable with 5 snaps on each side and 8 snaps on the back of the head.High-quality leather Vegetable tanning, made in Europe...
Brand: The Red
Leather Shirt Collar  Neck circumference 37cmMade from high-quality leather..
Brand: The Red
Leather Shirt Collar with pointed studs  Neck circumference 37cmMade from High-quality leather..
Brand: The Red
These red anal balls are offered by The Red brand. They make the naughty moment even more pleasant and exciting.This anal rosary is made up of 4 balls of 3cm in diameter. Distance between balls of 3cmThe insertion length of 31cm with a terminal ring for easier use.Made of silicone..
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