The whole idea and concept of female ejaculation became a topic of interest for me last summer around the time when I bought some sex toys designed to stimulate my G-spot.As I tried them out while masturbating, it was then that I first experienced ejaculation for myself; that strange sensation of expelling fluid at the crest and height of orgasm, which had been up until that point in my mind, something purely associated with male sexuality.It was unexpected, almost a bit unnerving when it happened, but it was also something that I was trying to do, just to see if my body would respond to the appropriate stimulation and actually ejaculate when I came.

The term associated with female ejaculation is “squirting”, meaning a fluid release at the point of orgasm.So what's involved in squirting?First, you need to understand the Skene's Gland or Urethral Sponge or Grafenberg Spot or G-spot.Either name is correct, but most of us know it as the G-spot; that spongy tissue located along the track of the urethra on the upper wall of the vagina, just under or against the pubic bone.The G-spot can be compared to the prostate gland in men, and the fluid which is associated with female ejaculation appears to be similar to the base fluid of male semen.Here's where things get tricky, the Skene's Gland is a highly variable part of our anatomy, and not all women respond to g-spot stimulation or are capable of squirting.


It's important to understand how the g-spot and the rest of your sexual organs work if you're going to try to achieve G-spot orgasms or female ejaculation.During arousal, the erectile tissue corpus spongiosum, or the clitoris swells and stiffens.Although you can't see most of the clitoris, it's actually about three or four inches long, and when excited and aroused, all of this tissue becomes engorged with blood and fluid.The Skene's gland also becomes filled with fluid, turning the spongy tissue into a hardened ball about the size of an almond.When we reach orgasm, like in men, the swelling goes down and we enjoy that lovely euphoria associated with a climax.When pushing for a G-spot orgasm, the feeling and intensity are much different, as are the means and methods used to stimulate the g-spot.What's most important to understand though, is that the G-Spot and the Clitoris are indeed connected.While we can see the tip of the clit on the exterior of our vulvae, the clit actually has two “legs” which wrap the inner walls of the vagina and have a direct correlation to stimulating the G-Spot, so we can't think of this as two different types of orgasms, just two ways to get to the same place!

Sex toys designed to stimulate the G-spot are curved based on our anatomy in order to allow us to reach this gland which has pinhole sized openings allowing the fluid to escape.Some medical experts believe that the reason women don't normally experience ejaculation during orgasm is that the fluid travels up the urethra and empties into the bladder; so it does take a degree of a conscious choice and will in order to expel the fluid out.


A lot is still not known about how the G-spot functions and many women have experienced immediate G-spot orgasms during intercourse simply because their partner made contact with the gland with their penis, and many gynaecologists are capable of inducing orgasms simply by applying pressure to the Skene's gland during the examination.(It might pay to date a gynaecologist!)But giving ourselves G-spot orgasms and experiencing ejaculation can be trickier. I've found that levels of arousal play a big part in being able to achieve these orgasms, and it isn't every time either, but the more aroused and excited I am, the easier it seems to be.


When using something like a G-Spot Vibrator, I've found that if I empty my bladder prior to masturbating and then focus pressure on my g-spot that I've been able, on occasion, to experience ejaculation.There's a feeling of pressure which builds, and it often feels as though you have to urinate.This feeling will pass, and you have to psychologically disconnect from the fear of “wetting” yourself, and I often put a towel on the bed under me when I'm doing this because it helps me get into the right frame of mind.Then it's just a matter of enough stimulation of the g-spot, the clitoris, and the opening of the vagina and viola!- G-spot orgasm and sometimes ejaculation!

 You can do this with your fingers or with a partner, but a good G-spot toy is the best way to go.